Tragic News As Fabric London Closes It’s Doors Indefinitely


It’s official , Fabric Live’s license has been revoked.

150 000 signatures to save the club did little to sway Islington Council.

Just last month The legendary night club Fabric Live based in London , voluntarily closed their doors after two 18 year olds died of drug overdoses in the short span of 9 weeks. Shortly after, Owners were ordered to attended a hearing held by Islington Council where their license would go under review.

A petition was launched to save the club after its initial shut down and gained 150 000 signatures. London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged officials “To come to a common sense solution”

The hearing to review the clubs license was held last night and at 1am, after hours of deliberation , the council revoked the clubs license. The Police stated that they had no confidence that the club would make any changes and that their recommendations for ID scanners and sniffer dogs in 2014 were ignored.

Members of police who came to petition the clubs closure said it was a “tragic irony” that club was only now proposing make use of their recommendations. After the hearing , loyal staff members ¬†gathered outside in a moment of shock and silence.

The club will remain closed unless the owners choose to appeal and do so successfully.


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