TRAFFIC Summer Collection Fashion Show

On Saturday night I popped down to the Traffic Clothing Summer Collection Fashion show at Trinity. I quite enjoy going to these kinds of shows as a way of keeping in touch with what everyone is going to be wearing throughout Summer and making sure that I’m always on trend (I also like writing things like that to point out how ridiculous David Tlale sounds when he does interviews).

The event was all about celebrating a trip back into the world of colour, which was fairly apparent from the moment that the show kicked off. Starting with Colour Blocking, the show featured Summer trends including Urban Nomad–combining country life influences and rural romance to create a breed of hippie glamour; Tropical–with printed dresses, two piece suits and bikinis that make you feel like you’re in paradise, and Rock Glam –a contrast of burnished marten metallic’s and heavy black to amplify the ultimate rock and roll demeanour.

The show was hosted by a unbelievably irritating host that had no idea how to work a crowd or be at all entertaining. The almost totally offensive JP Sebastian went happily along with destroying any sense of excitement in the crowd and even got details about the show wrong when he announced the entertainment for night (it did appear he had been tickling the devil’s dust before stepping on stage to be fair). Margaret Westergreen of the Digital Divas opened up the show with some tasty beats and also threw in one of my favourites from Trentmoller (Moan) while I put some Café Le Chocolatier treats in and around my face waiting for the show to begin.


The TRAFFIC Clothing brand showed on the night that they were heavily inspired by Japanese street style along with European Summer trends. I feel like they offered up quite a killer selection of on point fashion trends at prices that would leave you with some cash for spending on cocktails. Summer is all about being bright and creative, providing a hot fusion of colours and textures that ultimately create a unique style and TRAFFIC Clothing offers a clothing range that is cutting-edge and fabulously trendy.   

“We have made it effortless to greet summer as a glam super star, by including slinky fabrics and chiffon, which are relaxed and easy to wear. The colours in this collection range from bold neon to soft pastels and luxuriant browns. Every fashionista can rely on TRAFFIC Clothing to ensure they dazzle!” says Gareth Botha, Fashion Designer, Stylist and Buyer for Imvusa Trading.


My favourite part about these events other than the fashion is the goody bag. This time I was able to stock up a nice selection of stuff from Bronze International Tanning Studio, Rikki’s Cabs, Lethentric, African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel, Glamour, GQ and Swiss Laser. The entertainment that followed on from Miss Westergreen was very commercial but that was to be expected given that the entertainment was Koula (Highveld Stereo), Suga (GoodHope FM) and Dan Scot will be rocking the after party.


My favourite trend for Summer has to be Nautical. No longer do the stripes have to be your traditional white/blue… As long as there’s colour, stripes and relaxed fit (for the guys)- you’ll have everyone on the beach turning heads.

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