Traffic Cops Are Knobs

MyCitybyNight HATE traffic cops! Bang, end of story!

No it’s not really the end of the story and would be unfair if we were that shallow. So bear with me and this graphic rant at the hatred I have (sure you all do too).

Those of you that follow us on twitter, and let’s be honest, you should be (mycitybynite_ct), would have seen the tweet re a traffic cop.

Yes HATE is a strong word, but in this case it’s very just.
Picture the scene, you are STAVING, you spot the’ Dirty Bird’ and have this uncontrollable urge to indulge in the filth that is a KFC! Oh shit, there is no parking! Wait, there is but ‘oh no’, it’s a red line… Oh what the hell you ‘only going to be a second’… you scream in faster than a Japanese racing snake to get the sexual filth monster that is a Zinger Tower Rounder meal with large fries and bottle of water, cos you want to be healthy! You out again before you know it, with heart racing and sweaty palms to get the golden breast into your mouth…

And then… BANG…. You got a traffic cop fining you!

‘But, but, but I was just 2 minutes man, please’… Nothing, you R500 down and that’s it! On top of that, getting MIGHT pissed off that your ‘security blanky’ of the moment is getting cold, and that is just not cool!

So this brings me to the HATE factor. I’m also sorry that I’m painting all traffic cops with this tar brush, but if you want to not be associated with this bull, then you need to do something about it…

The Dirty Bird, Somerset Road, yesterday at 12:40… I’m all for the urge, but… wait for it… PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH AND THEN, MAYBE THEN, WE WILL RESPECT YOU AND PAY OUR FINES!

So this is it MCBN’ers, if you see a ‘Law Enforcer’ of any kind doing something that they shouldn’t be, photo it, mail it and we will forward it on to the relevant enforcement agency, like we have with this one until they realise that they are NO BETTER than us, and NOT above the law!

Cape Town Traffic Department… YOU MAKE US SICK!

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  1. Fucking pigs!!!!!! I HATE THEM!!!! The last time i got pulled over, the fucker was hitting on me and telling me not to wear such a short skirt *wink wink* and asking where I worked! FUCK THEM!!!

    1. You not the forst person we have heard that from! They are disgusting like that too! If you can get their badge name next time, report them, and let us know too, we will name and shame!

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