Tracy McGregor First Playboy South Africa Cover Girl

Playboy South Africa has its first bunny and covergirl… There you have it folks, Tracy McGregor is the first Playboy SA Bunny!

McGregor, who was thrilled to have been chosen for the role, said: “I’m really excited to be a part of something so special, especially with it being the first edition of the local issue.”

For more on whats to come (no, I did not do that on purpose), stay tuned!

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  1. Guys, I love it 😉 Thanks for the mooiness today, it’s making me reminiss about Tiger last night. Hate that place but the poes was world class!

  2. I hope she loses some weight before she whips her kit off. photoshop cant make a pie a tart… although in this instance looks like shes both……..

    *a thank you*

  3. Pic looks awful, completely disproportionate. Her waist is way too thin. They should fire the guy who does the retouching; he’s done a kak job…

  4. It is the sheets that is over part of her middle that makes her look that thin… have a closer look.

  5. Tanit Phoenix was Playboy SA’s first choice, they offered the first cover of the magazine too her, and she turned them down. Tracey was second choice. They only offered R50k for the shoot. Aparently American Playboy offered miss Phoenix $500k, and she turned them down too, as she is focusing on her acting career and being portrayed in this magazine will reflect negatively on her, she is taking her work seriously. Perhaps we will see her topless in a future film.

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