TOYTOY Feat. Alex Jones (Hypercolour UK)

TOY TOY welcomes Alex Jones. Supported by TOY TOY Residents:

Craig Massiv
Craig Placid
Grant van Rensburg

Alex Jones Bio ••• ALEX JONES (UK) •••
Hypercolour Records • Glass Table • No.19 Music

The co-creator of the influential Hypercolour/Glass Table/Losing Suki labels, Alex Jones is a name that is rightly associated with unerring quality regardless of genre boundaries. A sharp wit and refusal to take life too seriously is contrasted by a cast iron reputation within electronic music that has seen the East-Londoner play the world over and release on some of the most lauded labels around.

As a producer, Jones takes huge risks – combining disparate sounds and grooves into tracks that achieve a rare characteristic in most house and techno, uniqueness. His off kilter, sometimes challenging but always enduring output has seen him release for XL Recordings, No.19, Turbo, Glimpse and Kindisch while releases for his beloved Hypercolour continue to impress critics and fans alike.

Much as his personality is echoed in his work as a producer, his DJ workshares many of the same broad tropes. From beginnings as a resident at the legendary Big Beat Boutique alongside an emerging Radio Slave in the nineties, searching for new and different music has become an almost religion like obsession – a fixation that has seen him regularly welcomed into Fabric, The End and countless other notable clubs over the years.

A voracious autodidact and DIY man, much of Jones success can be attributed to his enthusiasm for ‘getting involved’, whether running club nights, labels or producing – he doesn’t stop. Collaborative productions (Glimpse and Kris Wadsworth, no name but two), a new imprint (Initials) and the increasingly frequent Hypercolour club nights are just handful of Jones’ vices and we’re all the better for them.

What makes Alex Jones such an enticing prospect for any fan of music is his open mindedness and genuine passion that manifest themselves in unpredictable and exciting projects, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on what’s next….

Tickets: R60 before 10pm – R100 After ♥

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