TOY TOY Takeover with Tobias (Berlin) at ERA — Let’s Play!

When you start something, you have to believe that you can be the best one day. We’re not talking about pie in the sky fantasy. No. We’re referring to what happens when genuine talent and proper conviction collide.

You begin with a vision. You share it with a few people. The whispers begin. Rumours, murmurs, speculation. The seed is planted and with the right amount of water and nutrition, something beautiful grows.

Well, we’ve got a jungle to explore, people, because the TOY TOY team have made their vision real. They began as upstarts in Jozi’s underground scene a few short years ago and now they run the show.

Their And Club residency is eagerly anticipated every single weekend. They experiment. They tinker. They make magic. And now, they’re coming to Cape Town. Of course, it’s only fitting that Joburg’s best event is hosted at Cape Town’s best venue; the takeover is happening at ERA.

And it’s not just the coolest cats up in Gauteng that are coming to put on a show for us. No, no, no. Because the TOY TOY team doesn’t half-arse. Fabio, Dogstarr and Gforce won’t be alone.

Tobias Freund, the Berlin-blooded virtuoso, is coming along to captain the ship. He’s headlining down in the depths of the Tunnel as he tours the world promoting his new album ‘Eyes in the Center’. This bodes very well indeed.

The 3rd of June can’t come soon enough.

Event details:

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