TOY TOY Feat. Extrawelt (Live)

TOYTOY is once again bringing the electronic music heat to Jozi in 2018

26 January sees TOYTOY end the first month of 2018 off with a big bang, welcoming an absolutely massive artist to the no phones, no photos dancefloor of And nightclub. Yes indeed, we’re all really looking forward to TOYTOY featuring Extrawelt (Live) alongside Residents Andi DillGforce and Sound Sensible

R100 @ Nutickets
R150 @ the door (cash/card)

And Club
39a Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street Newtown
Powered by Void Acoustics

CLUB POLICY: Strictly no photos and no videos. Phone usage is allowed but not on the dancefloor – “phones off, party on!”

Art: Meëk Meëk


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