Toy Story 2: Requiem


Mash-ups are a relatively new medium in terms of the history of film and music. The term refers to the amalgamation of 2 or more pieces of art (be it in the medium of film, music etc) to create a completely new work.

My girlfriend introduced me to one of the darkest, yet most thought-provoking mashups i have seen so far – 2 adjectives you would not normally associate with the mashup of pop-culture. Especially when you learn that the first artwork used in the mashup is Toy Story 2. And when we tell you that the second artwork is Requiem for a Dream, you might start to understand our use of language.

A guy called Mike Hindes created the video “Toy Story 2 Requiem” for a videoedit contest, before Youtube became the video superhouse it is today, and before mashups became the cultural phenomenon they have. The earliest version of this upload we can find is from 2006, so it’s the one we linked here. This is an incredibly creepy rework of the Requiem movie trailer, using the Toy Story characters but the Requiem soundtrack. It is uncanny how perfectly the editor has managed to splice the sounds with the movements of the characters faces/mouths.

Every time we watch this, it gets creepier and better, so we’re going to stop talking now and press play…again.

Thanks @_aimless

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