Tourists flock to South Africa- poor geography causes huge delays

Its times like these that I am incredibly happy that cellphone cameras were invented and that Americans are generally fairly poor at the geography of areas other than the immediate boundaries of the USA- hell come to think of it they can’t even do that properly either.

If travelling tourists follow the obviously firm grasp of geograhy displayed by the following US TV news channel they’re going to be awfully suprised when they step off the plane and are greeted by drug lords and coffee plantations instead of vuvuzelas in South Africa, which as the name so clearly suggests is, at the South of the continent of Africa.

poor geography

Come on… you could have at least found out where the Fifa World Cup was taking place this year- its only the most watched event on the entire planet…

And so starts yet another week here at MyCityByNight… Only 17 days to go until the start of the World Cup. We’re stoked… lets just hope that the travel agents are better informed than the newsbroadcasters out there…

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    That is so wickedly funny !!! I must send this on to some :)))))))))))

  2. I laughed my ass off when I saw this- then I was deeply saddened- I mean I know its South Africa and all but they could have at least got the right continent! 🙂

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