Tornado in Ficksburg, Free State… Say What?

A link about a Tornado in Free State popped up in my news feed on Twitter (obviously I had to check it out) and it lead me to the You Magazine fan page. I know we don’t usually post stuff like this but it’s a TORNADO! It was seen tearing through Ficksburg in Free State a couple of hours ago… That’s just a little too crazy… If anyone has any more pictures, please send them to

Check out the following article on IrishWeatherOnline for more information: (click here)

Hundreds of homes were destroyed on Sunday afternoon when a tornado tore through a town in South Africa, emergency officials said. At least one person has been killed.

The tornado affected Ficksburg in Free State province, but the extent of the damage was not immediately known.

“Reports from Ficksburg indicate that a tornado has swept through the town leaving more than 1,000 houses destroyed,” said Chris Botha, a spokesman for Netcare 911. Read more here

That’s pretty dam crazy!!

Check out some more images over here: (click here)

Main picture uploaded by Helena Beyers.



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