Top 6 Multiplayer Games to Play With Your Friends

Photo by Enrique Guzmán Egas

Games with a good plot, stunning visuals, and gameplay will undoubtedly attract you but what keeps you addicted to it are the players. The challenge that comes with playing with your friends is an adventure on its own. Some games require you to play with a friend in order to win, and there are other games in which you play against your friends. Nevertheless, multiplayer games make gaming more fun, stimulating, and addicting. However, not every game can provide you with that kind of thrill or enjoyment.

Here is a shortlist of games that you will enjoy playing with your friends


The dream game of all Pokemon fans is finally here, and it’s Temtem. I believe we can all agree that GameFreak has deprived us of good pokemon content lately, but with Temtem around, things are about to change, sounds exciting, right?

Temtem is a pokemon like MMO featuring hundreds of magical creatures for you to capture and tame. You can explore the world with your temtem squad and friends, battle each other, and discover new islands. There is so much you can do in this newly released game. You can also customize your own house or visit someone else’s. The game has rare items that you can buy online or with pansun, both available on Eldorado. The items definitely make the game even more exciting. The game is accessible on steam and is undoubtedly worth your money and time.

Apex Legends

A lot of games featuring Battle Royale are coming out as of late, but not all of them are truly worth playing. Apex legends is so far the best Battle Royale game you will play this year. The game is cross-platform and available on almost every device so, you can enjoy it however you please.

The game is packed with fun features to make it more enjoyable for its players. It contains several guns to choose from as well as a diverse range of legends to play with. Each Legend enhances the ability of other Legends, so choosing the right combination while playing with your friends will guarantee your win. Apex is one of the few games that offers consistency with new content and gameplay. You get new maps, skins, and even legends every season, which makes the game all the more exciting. While the game is easy to learn, it can be a bit difficult to master. Coordinating with your friends by pinging on enemies, weapons, or location and using a microphone makes the game much more enjoyable.

Overcooked 2

Looking for a couch co-op game to play with your friends or your partner? Overcooked will not disappoint but will surely annoy you a lot, in a good way. The game has a good storyline going on as well as a PvP feature to play with your friends.

Playing the story alone sounds all fun and games till you actually do it, why is that? You actually need 1000+ APM to beat the game, or else you’re going to face a brutal defeat. Yes, you read that right, it’s that difficult. While playing with your friends does lessen the burden, it also makes it more frustrating when you are not able to communicate properly with your partner. Communication and coordination is the key to winning in overcook otherwise, instead of frying onions, you’ll be getting fried by your friends. Overall, overcook is the type of game anyone can play so you can enjoy it with your non-gamer friends.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

One of the top-ranking MMOs today which has stayed consistent since its release is final fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The game keeps getting better with each update and expansion pack, giving players new races, classes and even areas to explore.

What truly attracts gamers to FFXIV are its breathtaking visuals, exceptional gameplay, and remarkable storyline, so basically everything. The MMO is a whole package having good character customization, PvP, dungeon crawling, mounts, open-world and non-restrictive classes. In other MMOs usually, you have to stick to one class till the end, but that isn’t the case with FFXIV, you can learn as many classes as you want to. Furthermore, it’s a true Final Fantasy game with otherworldly music and characters, perfect for the FF and MMO fans.

Monster Hunter: World

MHW is arguably one of the best RPGs you will play this year, and it’s co-op! The game takes you on an adventure filled with great visuals, monsters, and hunting. The gameplay is addicting and will keep you engaged for a long time.

Hunting down monsters has never been this fun before, and MHW has done so much to further enhance the experience. You get to experience the thrill of fighting monsters alongside your friends, getting rare items, and using them to craft armor and weapons to strengthen your hunting skills. The game has a storyline of its own, which itself is quite enjoyable. Teaming up with adventurers makes it more fun to play, however, it isn’t as easy and will undeniably give you a challenge.


Overwatch was released back in 2016 and has managed to stay relevant and popular all these years. The game is a unique blend of MOBA and FPS, which explains why it’s so popular. It features vibrant, artistic, and futuristic earth with great attention to detail in every aspect of the game.

Overwatch offers its players unique gameplay that will keep you hooked for years. It isn’t the type of game you get bored of after playing for a few hours, but the kind of game that will have you forcing your mates to play with you, its just that good. The cast of Overwatch heroes is lovable and makes the game even more attractive. Each hero has its own lore, abilities, and extraordinary skills to attain victory. Cross-platform makes the game even better as you can play on any device with your friends. Overall, the game will keep you entertained for hours and is worth the cash.

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