Top 16 chosen for Red Bull Street Style World Final


The Red Bull Street Style World Finals have been taking place over the past two days. The Street ballers thrilled the  crowds and judges alike with their amazing talent and skills. We got lucky enough to make it to watch the final 16, who will be competing tonight for the honour of being crowned the Red Bull Street Style Champion of 2010.


Final 16 / Red Bull Street Style World Final


FarukOnmaz- Austria

Arthur- Brazil

Rocky- Colombia

Palle – Sweden

Brizze – Denmark

Jose Avalos – El Salvador

Séan- France (Reigning Champion)

FX – Hungary

Daniel Rooseboom – Netherlands

Kamalio – South Africa (pictured below)

Azun – Norway

Nam the Man – Ireland

Andrew Henderson – United Kingdom

Nadir – Switzerland

Luki – Poland

Jovanny Gonzalez – Mexico

Red Bull Street Style World Final Cape Town South Africa Kamal ‘Kamalio’ Ranchod (SA) doing his thing

CAPE TOWN.  A packed arena was treated to skills and flair never seen before on the African continent as ballers held nothing back to book their place in the knockout phase on day three. With all to play for there quite a few surprises as new crowd favourites emerged as the day progressed. Freestylers like Christian ‘Rocky’ Mayorga from Colombia and local Champion Kamal ‘Kamalio’ Ranchod had the crowd going wild as they moved up the qualifying table, ousting favourites Rickard ‘Palle’ Sjölander and Brian ‘Brizze’ Mengel from Denmark into second place of their respective groups.

The action was not only at the top of the qualifying tables, as the biggest ovation of the day was for eleven-year old Nigerian Habib Makanjuola, who despite not winning his heat had fans cheering after his unique performance which looks like ensuring a bright and entertaining future for him as an entertainer and credible freestyler.

An enthusiastic crowd got a glimpse of reigning Red Bull Street Style World Champion Sean Garnier as he booked his berth in the last 16 from the last qualifying group joining the top fifteen elite ballers.  He showed glimpses of his winning Sao Paolo performance in 2008 but it was clear that he was saving his best for the Final.

60 freestyle footballers started out the day with dreams of reaching the last 16 and possibly going on to be crowned Red Bull Street Style Champion for 2010 but the best 16 have taken their places after day two and will have the opportunity to progress on day three. Watch this space as the battle for the number one spot concludes with TODAY’S World Final

I seriously suggest you get down there this evening, I have only heard good things about the past two days of qualifiers from people who have been, they have also been mentioning that the standard of tricks is great, but they could see that these guys were holding back for the final. Which we are going to in a couple of hours. Dont you worry, we will keep everything fully documented throughout the event and hopefully we will come back with an interview from one of the judges/internationally known footballer, Edgar Davids hailing from the Netherlands.

Come on Kamal ‘Kamalio’ Ranchod, make South Africa PROUD!




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