Top 10 wi-fi spots in Cape Town

Pic: Cape Town Tourism

Pic: Cape Town Tourism

South Africa’s a top foodie destination, but what is it with the snoep wi-fi offerings?

I’ve put together a list of 10 amazing places to get crazy delicious food, gourmet coffee, be able to have a meeting or just catch up on some work in the cool waves of free wi-fi.

Twankey Bar

The very glamorous champagne and oyster bar next to the Company gardens. Truth coffee, continental breakfast, light lunches, tapas and my fave – the delish cheese and meat board. Cosy and comfortable and if you want to work in style, go here.
Wi-fi: Great connection and they will happily give you a code.

A complete gem of a place in Chelsea village in the Southern Suburbs (see my review). They serve amazing coffee, breakfasts, lunches, treats – all you can imagine and it’s all really delicious.
Wi-fi: It works pretty well most of the time and you can sit and do some biz.

Clarke’s diner
So very hip and cool and has seriously amazing food. It’s a gastro-diner – think all day breakfasts like the Man Breakfast, almost-brûlée French toast, gourmet grilled cheese, amazing burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, Sloppy Joe’s et al.
Wi-fi: They are cool but they don’t like people taking the piss.

The uber trendy neighbourhood café set under The Woodstock Exchange. A delectable menu with things like doorstop toasted banana bread and butter, divine sandwiches, massive bratwurst hot dawg, lunch has man-sized lasagnas and beautiful salads. Deluxe and Rosetta coffee all day.
Wi-fi: It’s free and fast baby.

Jason Bakery
One of the first of the edgy places that now populate most of Bree Street in Cape Town. It’s an artisan bakery with insane bread and pastries and the best egg and chorizo breakfast tart I’ve ever had.
Wi-fi: All good and you won’t be the only person on your machine with a cuppa and a bite.

Deluxe Coffee Works
A small coffee house with a big heart on Church Street. This place pumps all day and is pretty much only coffee – I have to say it, it’s my favourite coffee at the moment and is rich and powerful.
Wi-fi: A small space but a cool spot to have a meeting.

Bean There
Whale Street is home to this casual place where you can gather with a mate, or just on your own. Not much to eat – their sandwiches sell out fast, but great coffee and friendly staff.
Wi-fi: Happy days.

Truth Coffee
If you haven’t been to the one in Buitenkant Street (there’s another), I insist you go immediately. It is one of the most insanely designed roasteries of all time – steam punk style. Just go, it’s other-wordly. Great coffee and a down to earth food offering.
Wi-fi: Fine and loads of people working and meeting.

The Field Office
In Barrack Street, the Field Office is meant for just this – meeting and drinking and eating. Deluxe coffee and some artisan goodies are on offer.
Wi-fi: Good as it’s one of their main offerings.

Many branches of Knead bakery have popped up all over Cape Town and most of them have free wi-fi. A great artisan menu from big brekkies to pizzas to carb-free bread. A home away from home.
Wi-fi: No problems so far.

Bread Milk & Honey
On Spin Street in the CBD, this spot is about handmade, fresh ingredients. Amazingly fresh and inventive juices, gorgeous homemade buffet-style dishes and a big space inside.
Wi-fi: All fine – take a meeting here and make sure you try some fresh fare.


Peters House

Yours Truly

The House Of Machines


Canal Walk

Cape Gate

Somerset Mall



Hello Sailor

Pure Good

The Handle Bar

Company Gardens

Harrington Square

*If there are any you feel should be included, please mention in the comments below and we’ll make sure it gets on.


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Caro de Waal is our food muse and ed to all things delicious. She’s a bonafide Cordon Bleu chef and food experience designer too. Follow @carodewaal on Twitter & Instagram.


  1. Did you actually go to these places? Jasons Bakery and Deluxe Coffee definitely do not have Wifi. (I go to both of them often)

    1. Hi Justin, Yes we did and they did when we were there. We will double check though. Thanks.

  2. Pure Good 🙂
    21 st johns street, uncapped, no sign up log in codes, just wifi, kiff vibe, origin coffee and yummy food

  3. Company Gardens and Harrington square, free public wifi you don’t even need to order coffee to use the service

  4. Company Gardens and Harrington Square, Free Public WiFi, you dont even need to purchase anything to use it, just go hangout on a park bench.

  5. All three branches of Hudson’s (kloof, greenpoint and Claremont) offer free wifi 🙂

  6. Howdi,
    Odyssey offers free, unlimited (no sign up bull sh*t) Wifi…. and beer!

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