Top 10 SA Acts Killing It Overseas


Our next piece is finally here, we kept it short and sweet because we’d like the acts music, production and resumes do the talking. Once again this is your Captain GonZo here to give recognition to those demolishing overseas with the fourth part of “The List”: Top 10 SA Acts Killing It Outside of SA. 

NB: These selections were made purely based on personal assessment of originality and presence and understand the significance of other entities meeting the criteria (which we would love to know about). With that being said here is the checklist followed: Any genre, DJ/Producer/Performer, has a rich tour record outside of SA, SA born.


Cape Town, Joburg and European veteran is on the move with his booking agency Open Bookings

Name: Portal
Prominent Location of Origin: Cape Town
Genre: Psytrance
Link: @PortalPsy

A household name throughout SA, Daniel Nathaniel Portal has built his alias from the ground up and doesn’t look close to stopping its progression. Currently in Germany, we can expect Portal’s international roster to pack out over the next few months but in turn, welcome his return home.


Drum and Bass gods from the golden era are making waves within the UK and European DnB scene

Name: Counterstrike
Prominent Location of Origin: Cape Town
Genre: DnB
Link: @CounterstrikeDNB

Having been established as the biggest DnB SA export at this moment in time, the Counterstrike boys are a cut above the rest. Algorithm Record regulars they have built up a cult following in Europe with an expected headlining showcase on the DnB floor at Bassport in August 2017.


Name: Spoek Mathambo
Prominent Location of Origin: Johannesburg
Genre: House
Link: @spoekmathambo

Mzanzi’s Beat Code brainchild Spoek Mathambo is one of the faces of Afro-influenced house scene that seen some of the most influential artists come through these ranks. With its growing popularity on an international scale, it was inevitable that one of the members would be having a tour of France come October 2017.


Name: Regan
Prominent Location of Origin: Cape Town
Genre: Psytrance
Link: @regan.nano

Origin mastermind Regan is the mogul behind the catalyst which took his label Nano Records to a global market. Having played set up Cape Town’s biggest psytrance festival, Origin Festival, you can also find him at the biggest psytrance festivals worldwide (namely Ozora & Boom) and having just taken his journey to the UK it’s safe to say we can expect the best of Regan at Oroza & WAO Festival (Italy) this year – or anywhere else on this incredibly dope list below:


Name: Rinkadink
Prominent Location of Origin: Cape Town
Genre: Psytrance

An artist who commands to the pyramid of SA psytrance overseas, some would SA that Werner’s Rinka project should not be regarded as an SA act, anymore. With memorable experiences all over the world, Rinkadink still holds to his roots and in his personal capacity still hoists the SA wherever he plays.


Name: Beatenberg
Prominent Location of Origin: Cape Town
Genre: Pop
Link: @Beatenberg

Pop group Beatenberg are the liquid project in an ever-evolving pop genre who hold stead-fast to their craft since its inception. Having a unique palate in terms of their music, its only fair to say that they own their environment. A refreshing ideal for us as we can expect them in SA for Oppikoppi & #RTD2017.


Name: DJ Lag
Prominent Location of Origin: Durban
Genre: GQOM
Link: @djlaggqomking

GQOM King Dj Lag is in our personal opinion the face of SA GQOM today. With so much flair in his work both as a producer and DJ, he one of the bright sparks to come out of Durban, as of late. Notorious when it comes to sets in places like Berghain, we are excited to see what he brings to #RTD2017 as well.


Name: Petit Noir
Prominent Location of Origin: Cape Town
Genre: Afro-influenced Alternative
Link: @petitenoir1

We like to view Petit Noir as a fusion between a cutting-edge pioneer & a mad scientist. A very unorthodox project with so much suave and ruggedness which led to a very appetizing journey. Having just demolished Paris, Mr. Noir is now on his way to claim what is his in London in the week to come.


Name: Floyd Lavine
Prominent Location of Origin: Cape Town
Genre: Electronic
Link: @floydlavine

His influences stem from all the right places and have so much to offer to those who get a chance to see it live. One of the busiest locals on the international circuit, Floyd Lavine is something we have trouble coming to terms with. Over the last four months Floyd’s had an African tour including Nigeria, Lagos, Mozambique and South Africa. He then went on a South East Asia tour to Thailand, Bali and Hong Kong and then back to Europe. We encourage you to watch this space.

1Name: Alice Phoebe Lou
Prominent Location of Origin: Cape Town
Genre: Folk
Link: @alicephoebeloumusic

The first re-addition act on “The List” since her appearance on the first and straight to the top she goes because of how unique she is. There’s not much more we can say except that she is ultimately the most thought-provoking act on this list. We urge you to check out what we said in the first editorial because no additional words can do justice to what she is doing internationally.

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