Tonino Lamborghini energy drink hits African shores and ranks up with PUBG MOBILE & South African Gaming Community (SAGC)

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MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us and taking some time to let us know what’s happening with this awesome new brand launching in South Africa.

iCubed: Thank you for your kind words. Founded in Italy in 1981 by Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, heir of the Lamborghini family, today the company’s headquarters are located in the magnificent Palazzo del Vignola, a Renaissance villa just outside Bologna’s city walls. Mr. Lamborghini has taken inspiration from his family heritage and his vast experience in mechanical and automotive engineering to develop a lifestyle experience brand with a range of luxury design products, including: watches, eyewear, smartphones, perfumes, furniture, clothing, sports accessories, golf & utility carts, signature beverages, 5-star boutique hotels, real estate projects, cafés and restaurants. For more than 35 years, Tonino Lamborghini has been a byword for Made in Italy lifestyle. By staying true to the tradition and story of the Lamborghini family, the Tonino Lamborghini Company seeks to promote distinctive Italian style and taste.We looking forward to creating the Tonino Lamborghini footprint on the African Continent. In occasion of the famous Pan-African Food, Drink and Hospitality Trade Show, Tonino Lamborghini announced the official collaboration with iCubed Africa for the distribution in South Africa of the full range of branded Espresso line, Energy Drink and Vodka. Hostex 2020, 1 – 3 March 2020 – Tonino Lamborghini, the famous Italian brand of luxury accessories, hotels, real estate projects products was at the 2020 edition of Hostex – the Pan-African Food, Drink and Hospitality Trade Show, thanks to the collaboration with iCubed Africa, the official distributor for South Africa and Africa of the Italian brand beverages products line. Distributed in more than 40 countries, the products are present worldwide in Ho.Re.Ca. and Super Ho.Re.Ca., in selected clubs, in specialized retail channels and in branded hotels, lounges and cafeterias.

MCBN: First of all, welcome to the South African market, it’s going to be great to see such an incredible brand take centre stage in the energy drink market, what are your thoughts on South Africa as a market and where can we find the drinks?

iCubed: iCubed Africa is the distributor of choice for premium brands entering African markets and growing global market share. The company founded by a team who have combined their love of Africa with the desire to contribute toward future generations across the continent. Tonino Lamborghini exhibited at the 2020 Africa Hostex Food and Beverage Expo last year. The Representation from Mr Lamborghini’s office attended the event which images and videos of the show has been posted on the social media platforms of iCubed Africa from the Expo – Mr Lamborghini was to attend the official launch here in South Africa as well as to meet our President, Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic – Travels were postponed to a date which is yet to be confirmed. However, this has created an opportunity to reposition the strategy and to carefully introduce the brand in the Industry before Mr Lamborghini attends the official launch and visits our operations in South Africa. Having said so, every market requires specific considerations during this challenging time. All of South Africa’s collective focus is currently on dealing with the fallout of the COVID-19 crisis, but I expect we will shortly need to start looking at ways to re-invigorate our businesses and partnerships are key to how businesses will market itself in the future. Initially, the lifestyle brand was to position in Nite Clubs, Bars, etc. – As these are were not opening anytime soon, The team decided to reposition and have the Energy Drinks available – We identified Sasol to test the forecourt convenience market and a few other independents. The Sasol Sites campaigned a national competition to win an official Tonino Lamborghini Time Piece (Watch) from Mr Lamborghini worth R50,000.00. We have just listed with the Total Forecourts, which we will be also campaigning a national competition to win another official Tonino Lamborghini Time Piece (Watch) from Mr Lamborghini worth R50,000.00. We are in discussions with buying groups of having it available at wholesale and retail nationally, Pending we have Mr Lamborghini and his entourage attending the official launch (which will be by invitation only) – In the interim, we will introduce the brand passively, with some soft activations, campaigns and plug in’s. We have also introduce 7 Tonino Lamborghini Coffee Stations, being Bits & Biltong – Bergview (Harrismith), Joburg City Motors Newtown (Johannesburg), Engen Fuel Station Craighall (Randburg), Gulf Oil SA (Brakpan / Menlyn / Brits / Westonaria). 

MCBN: We have heard some incredible rumours that Tonino Lamborghini will be joining the ranks of PUBG MOBILE & the SAGC team, could you fill us in on the details on what the sponsorship will entail?

iCubed: The sponsorship will promote the establishment with giveaways, i.e. Cases of Energy Drinks, Official Tonino Lamborghini Gift Sets and a lot more to come as we progress with the collaboration of PUBG MOBILE.

MCBN: Not only that, you’ve taken it a step further to promote the weekly scrims by SAGC, which is a huge step forward for the PUBG MOBILE community. Can you tell us about this partnership?

iCubed: The partnership enables opportunities for both consumers and corporations in serving a range of premium products and experiences with Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Beverages. Not to mention creating a platform for our Gamers to have fun in a safe environment!

MCBN: Tell us why it’s so important for a brand like Tonino Lamborghini to support the Esports industry in South Africa?

iCubed: As the Esports platform increases, we would like to introduce the Italian Giant Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Beverages on this growing platform, by bringing the taste of Italy to the warm and entrepreneurial spirit of Africa.

MCBN: What made you decide to choose PUBG MOBILE when entering the Esport space?

iCubed: Why not, – PUBG MOBILE is the highest ranked online mobile game.

MCBN: We know the Resurrection Veterans can handle it on the biggest stage, could we see this partnership helping our South African players enter global tournaments and get the chance to represent the country further under the Tonino Lamborghini banner?

iCubed: Absolutely, Even though we are more like a Lifestyle Brand – We also here as a support structure to promote our South African players with opportunities – which we have done and currently continue for our South African athletes in different sports.

MCBN: If Tonino Lamborghini was any gun in PUBG MOBILE, which one would it be and why?

iCubed: I would rather say if the Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Beverages, Coffee / Energy Drink / Hot Chocolate was in PUBG MOBILE, it would be identified to be part of a Consumable to Heal or Increase speed and energy.

MCBN: We’re looking forward to watching this partnership with Resurrection Esports and SAGC evolve and grow over the coming months. Chicken Dinners all round.

iCubed: To this end, I believe this collaboration would be most interesting.

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