TONIGHT’s GRAND OPENING: Trinity – James Zabiela – Cape Town.


Tonight Is The Night!

Last night MyCityByNight got to take a little tour of Trinity at the media launch. Tonight sees Cape Towns very own Superclub, Trinity open its door to all of us lovely Cape Town folk (and the rest of JHB that is on holiday here). This post is just to remind you three things:

James Zabiela is HERE!

Thursday is a public holiday

Trinity is NOW officially open.

A little more information for those who haven’t seen or heard anything yet:

International DJ James Zabiela will be playing alongside Cape Town’s finest – Dean Fuel, Chris Jack, Anthea, Ivan


Pre sold = R100.00 (click here to buy)
Fast Track check-in for all pre sold ticket holders

Door = R120.00

15 Bennett Street. Green Point
Cape Town, South Africa

(Very close to Beluga – although the food will be much better Beluga hehe)

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