TOMORROWLAND 2014 – DREAMVILLE Featuring The Oddword x @AOOATV

A good friend of MyCityByNight’s, Rich from AOOATV has just smashed Dreamville and is on his way to Tomorrowland. He has had minimal sleep at Dreamville, a camping festival, ahead of the massive Tomorrowland. Dreamville hosts around 35,000 people partying and it’s considered the pre Tomorrowland festival or day 0 depending on what you wanna call it. None the less, people go hard in the camping area.

This is what he shot over the last 24 hours, including the madness during The Oddwords set.

For any of our MyCityByNight alumni heading to Tomorrowland, have a great one. Be safe and Rave HARD!

TOMORROWLAND 2014 – DREAMVILLE Featuring The Oddword x @AOOATV

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