Tommy Cash Puts Estonian Rap On The Map With Winaloto

Tommy Cash Puts Estonian Rap On The Map With His Song Winaloto

Tommy Cash Winalotto

Tommy Cash has delivered at a time when we needed him most with his really interesting style of Estonian rap and a video that makes your average video from Die Antwoord look quite tame. To be completely honest, it has taken us a couple of days to decide whether we really like this video, after seeing the clip floating around online last week but have decided that it’s just too good (weird) not to share.

An Estonian rapper by the name of Tommy Cash is producing something that sounds pretty similar to the zef’d out sounds of our own locals Die Antwoord in a far fresher format, with a video that is nothing short of cinematic. We do have to warn you, the video is pretty odd and features Tommy using a bunch of girls’ bums as bongos amongst other interesting bits.

Damn, that was pretty catchy stuff – our highlight definitely has to be the bit where Tommy Cash morphs into an actual vagina. What a time to be alive!!

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