Tokoloshe Tale – Time Code Records (Compiled by GataFreak and Daksinamurti)


Timecode Records have just brought out a new album called Tokoloshe Tales! Daksinamurti and Gatafreak are the two masters behind this creation. Its full on Timecode styles! Some of my favourite artists are on this album, collabing together or busting out their own unique sounds. You got Twisted System back in the mix (you can’t have a Timecode album without a Twisted System track on it) Take a look at what the album track list looks like:

  1. Concept – Propaganda Machine
  2. Artifakt feat. Phyx – The Ladder
  3. Tryambaka – Mythology
  4. Lost and Found VS Ex-Gen – Unlimited Access (Absolum edit)
  5. Twisted System – Overtone
  6. Poison – Radio Active
  7. Khopat VS Tryon – Mind over Matter
  8. Earworm VS Horizon – Powerful Stuff
  9. Scorb – The Play
  10. Brethren VS Slug – Feedback


I obviously started on the Concept track cause he has been making some killer beats since I first heard of him a little while back and cause its the first track on the album. Probably one of my favourite tracks on the album. Propaganda Machine has the full blend of night time trance, with some slamming bass lines, it continually builds getting more darker as the track progresses. It’s the kind of track that will make you want to just “cook out… Perfect track to start off the album.

Artifakt feat Phyx, two of Cape Town’s finest together on one track. You can clearly hear each artists unique sound coming through this track. That crazy Artifakt organ synth he uses with those Phyx stabs and snares coming in from all sides.  This song will go very nicely during a sunrise set, it will bring that sunrise up mystically.

After hearing Tryambaka live in Cape Town at the Masqued Ball a year or two ago, I knew this track was going to be a lot darker than the rest. I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t. It’s a lot more groovy, A LOT more psychedelic and very driving! By 3 minutes it drops into a very Isreali sounding track, which leads to another build up straight back into that dirty driving bassline. One of my favourite tracks on the album

As soon as Absolum touches anything, you know its going to be big. Lost and Found VS Ex Gen’s track called Unlimited Access is probably one of the most insane tracks I have heard in a while. Its safe to say that this track would turn any dance floor into a frenzy of crazed stompers. I heard the original on youtube a little while ago and when I saw Absolum had edited this track I knew it could only be good news. He adds that twilight sound to a hard bassline produced by Lost and Found & Ex-Gen, with some mad build ups and crazy breaks throughout the song. Repeat.. Repeat… Repeat…

Twisted System –Shift, Phyx and Skragg (Rabdom L) teamed up together again to produce a track. They were probably one of the first groups I ever saw at a trance party, so I got mad love for TS!  This track, Overtone is that OLD SCHOOL Twisted System sound, I miss it so much. It starts off a little slow but then it breaks out into that ridiculously mad Twisted System filth, the driving basslines with that evil darker psychedelic synth and that tripped out vocal sample. Its just so chaotic, but in a good way!

This is the first time I am hearing Poison, I didn’t know what to expect which is always cool when you have heard 5 awesome tracks just before it. It started off really cool, very trippy, crazy vocal samples and  a rad bassline. This track just gets better and better, a very powerful track! One of the more darker and faster tracks on the album, this will be a slammer on any dance floor. I think Poison has just found himself a new fan! Its almost a good mix between a Highko bass line and an Azax Syndrome synth and riff. Bad ass track of note, will definitely be playing this one a couple more times in the near future!

Khopat teams up with Tryon on this next track. Khopat played in Cape Town last year as well and was awesome. I haven’t heard of Tryon before though. I also thought this track was going to be darker then usual, but its very much more a driving, twisted, in face full on psychedelic trance. The further into the song it gets, it builds into a very twisted sound… I reckon this track will make most dance floors go mental. I honestly haven’t heard an album so good in such a long time.

Earworm and Horizon, another two DJ’s I haven’t heard of before and I wonder why, cause this track is slamming! Night time music! This song progressively builds up and breaks into one monster tune, I has that energy to it, that makes you want to get and just go wild! No wonder the song is called Powerfull Stuff.

Scorb Scorb Scorb…  Thats all I am going to say, he is a genius when it comes to making music! 🙂

The final track of the album is Brethen Vs Slug, what an awesome way to end it off. I guess you could call it going out with a bang! Such insanely good production, so sick after the build drops…  Nice to see Brethen and Slug collaborating and producing some mad music, wish it wasn’t winter now. Would love to hear this on a loud rig in the bush some where just outside of Cape Town!

I would definitely give this a thumps up (like seriously a big thumbs up), I haven’t stopped tapping my feet since I turned it on. I started listening to it from start to finish. Such a good album! Think its time to start it again…


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  1. No worries brother, was one of the sickest albums I have heard in a while, some real bangers! Its tough to choose my favourite track but I would have to say Poison, I am actually slamming it right now:) later bro, awe

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