Toddlers taped to walls??!! Not a vibe (disturbing pics)

Ok, so I know that kids are sometimes quite a handful with all of their messing, farting and not being able to speak English properly yet but this is just plain… for lack of better words FUCKED UP.

A 22-month-old toddler was stuck to a wall in his family home with lumo duct tape after his mother had been ‘jolling’ with her lover at her home near Lincoln, Nebraska. (probably all cracked up)

Jayla Hamm,18, the “mother”, even held her helpless little guy against the wall while boyfriend Corde Honea,19, taped up his wrists, legs and body.

Hamm and Honea then took these pics of the crying child and further taunted him by taping his favourite drinking cup just outside his reach.

Apparently this is also not the first time something like this has gone down judging by the viral pic below that did the rounds on the net some time ago. Really… way to go to making your kid into a serial killer!

You see sometimes its because we’re all so connected digitally that sick fucks like this get found out and punished. Dispicable.

For the full article go check out the Daily Mail

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    1. hahahah! wrong, but kuk funny too! the only reason its funny too, is the sheer effort and thought they went too, to also tape the duck to the wall!

      1. I know what you guys are saying but come on- the bit with the bottle is excessively bad!! Future Dexter being developed there!!!

  1. Haha! This reminds me of this one time I walked into Karels room to find him duck taped to the wall.. Apparently after a rough night of hanky panky with his ex girlfriend – who coincidently I maintain is a transvestite!

    1. Hmm… interesting story there Jamin 🙂 must have been fun to take off… you give him a hand?

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