Tiny Tattoo Grandanza 01

The Tiny Tattoo Grandanza 01 is your chance to get some baby ink done (small tattoos, not tattoos for your baby)


If you’re like us, you’re probably sitting there wondering what kind of person isn’t interested in tiny tattoos? Introducing the TINY TATTOO GRANDANZA, a grander bonanza encompassing all 4 previous bonanza tattoos. (with a couple of newbies joining the bonanza family)

Select one of the designs provided which can be found in the event cover photo above and get this spot of ink added to your body as a bit of art for the future.
“Changes” work is as follows: You are allowed to eliminate elements of a design (like removing the eye from the pyramid) but may not add any elements to the designs. If you would like to have a custom tiny tat we will gladly help you outside of the bonanza event.

R200 for the first tattoo. R100 for every one added to the first. (No sharing needles). This does not apply to tattoos done at the previous event. No Bookings will be made. First come first serve.

They will be doing tattoos from 9am to 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday with all the tattoos being cash only. Enjoy the yard while you wait. Loads of nifty stores, tasty treats and lekker coffee. The peeps over at Revolutionary Ink are also encouraging you all to #doodleforadifference, creating anything, with anything, on anything, as long as it is a5 for the lovely humans at Night of 1000 drawings. check out www.1000drawings.co.za for more info.

Do not be intoxicated. make sober choices when it comes to anything permanent in your life, not just tattoos. It would also be ideal if you don’t drink too many student specials the night before. When your blood is thin, it tends to leak more and the artists will see less of what they are doing. We know booze helps calm you down, so here is a link to breathing exercises to help calm your nerves: http://healthland.time.com/2012/10/08/6-breathing-exercises-to-relax-in-10-minutes-or-less/ (we have not tested them yet, we hope they work)

Remember some sort of ID or drivers license to prove that you are legally allowed to make permanent changes to your appearance. we have forms for you to sign and we make copies. As fun and spontaneous as this can be, let’s play fair. Under 18’s must please have legal guardians or parents present. Someone owns your skin, if not you, let them give permission. NO ID, NO TATTOO.

Please try to respect each and every person’s tattoo time. This is a permanent art form and they will not rush our process. Love, care and attention will be given to each tattoo and there will not be a time limit attached to this. Someone getting 5 tiny tattoos will take longer than someone just getting one. Be prepared to maybe make this a day event and enjoy the surrounding vibes while you wait for your tattoo. The wait is generally around 90 minutes.

Revolutionary Ink

corner Jan Shoba St. & Prospect St., Pretoria, South Africa

30 July – 31 July

30 July at 9:00 to 31 July at 18:00

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