Tinder fans – 3nder is now available for you to hook up and have a 3some


Fans of Tinder there is a brand new “dating” app that has become available called 3nder (pronounced three-nder) that is aimed at making threesomes that much easier. Yes, that’s right technology has now made it possible for you to have a 3-some with complete strangers who are close to you and ready for a bit of a spit roast/MFF(look it up) loving.

The 3nder service allows you to scroll through thousands of members who are keen to get a little bit of threesome action with the same swipe functionality of Tinder. The only real difference comes in where you choose what type of sex group you’d like to create (to my earlier point around spit roasts) and then it’s back to choosing how far you’d like to cast your love net.

Will 2 others swipe you back? Will you find threesome nirvana? Who knows?!

Dimo Trifonov, the founder of the app had this to say about the process behind the creation of the app:

‘My girlfriend and I wanted a threesome,’ ‘Problem is we don’t really drink, and we don’t do drugs, so opportunities are pretty thin on the ground.’

For now the app is only available to residents of London and its surrounds, so there’ll be a little bit of time to wait before we can give it bash here in South Africa.

Find out more about the app at 3nder.com.

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