TiMO ODV Has Just Dropped A New EP | MOVE

TiMO ODV Has Just Dropped A New EP | MOVE

Last Friday saw the release of a brand new 2-track EP from chart-topping DJ, producer and songwriter and all round cool guy TiMO ODV, titled MOVE. The title track from the EP will be the first single off the release and embodies the new style of writing we have come to know from the Jozi based producer.

The EP showcases yet again how TiMO ODV manages to stay ahead of the curve by defying genre constraints and blending world-class production with catchy, ear-pleasing hooks. Packed to the brim with dance floor shattering bass and experimental synth leads, this EP makes good on his promise of consistent quality dance music.

Based out of his garage turned music studio in Kempton Park, the EP began to take form over the last 9 months as he began testing the tracks out in his live sets. After spending time in Europe in 2016, he drew inspiration from the strong connection he formed with the techno and tech house he experienced during his travels, and ventured into a darker sound with his new offering:

“Fans can expect the same darker, clubbier vibe that my last two songs ‘The Kingdom’ and ‘Dancing Again’ brought.”

MOVE. Track Listing:

  1. Your Love
  2. Move
  3. Your Love (Extended)
  4. Move (Extended)

Stream / Buy MOVE. here on Apple Music:

Where to find TiMO ODV online:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TiMOODV

Twitter: www.twitter.com/TiMOODV

Instagram: www.instagram.com/TiMOODV

YouTube: www.youtube.com/TiMOODVVEVO

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/TIMOODV


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