Timo Maas’s Lifer has the most awesome music video we’ve seen


The brand new video from legendary German DJ, producer and dance music aficionado Timo Maas is quite an exceptional piece of work. It features a rather special installation built by a Japanese creative team using a number of Arduino chip-controlled ball dispensers, rotating steel plates and LED lights. When all of these combine it makes for some majestic viewing that makes the already hot track, Tantra seem that much better.

“We decided to make something extra special for the video and spent a lot of time trying to come up with strange and different concepts,” said Maas when talking with Rolling Stone. “The goal was to create a totally immersive viewing experience that brings the track to life through the visuals, connecting every little sound with a certain movement.”

The track comes off Timo’s latest album called Lifer and just shows where a little bit of digital tech and creativity and get you.

Watch the music video below, it rocks!

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