Tickets on sale for Cape Town Stadium Final Test Event


Over here at MyCityByNight we are huge fans of football and Cape Town, which is why we are utterly over the moon with the news that the tickets for the Cape Town International Soccer Challenge are now available.

As I mentioned in previous post, this is the final test event at the Cape Town stadium before the World Cup takes place and it will be the first opportunity that we’ll have to watch a game of footy at night with all of the stadium lights on. The games will be between the under 20 national sides of South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Brazil.

The stadium will be making use of its full capacity with tickets for all 60 odd thousand seats available for purchase for the utterly ridiculous prices of R20 and R30.


MyCityByNight will be giving away 2 tickets to 2 different lucky readers to come join us and hang out for an evening of fun, football, vuvuzela’s and beer.

All you have to do is come up with your most creative caption for the following footy related pic-


Winners will be announced on Monday next week.

For those of you not lucky enough to win, here are the details for event:


Game 1: 16h30 to 18h00 (SA vs Nigeria)
Game 2: 19h00 to 20h30 (Ghana vs Brazil)


Drugs, weapons, alcohol and own food.

Refreshments And Meals

There will be kiosks selling food and cash bars available at venue.


Limited Parking available at venue – details to be confirmed.

Doors/gates Open



R30.00: Lower Tier – Blocks 130 to 132, Blocks 101 to 104, Blocks 114 to 120, Middle Tier – Blocks 204, 215 to 218 & 229, Upper Tier – Blocks 315 & 329 to 333

R20.00: All other Blocks

Ticket Collection

Please collect your tickets at any Computicket, Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper store before the event as there will be no collection facilities at the venue. Credit card used to make the booking must be presented when collecting tickets.

Disabled Facilities

Disabled facilities include parking, toilets and entrances. Disabled seating area for wheelchair bound individuals is available.

You can purchase your tickets from Computicket over HERE.

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  1. DRUNK Manchester United fan mistaking the Maroon Jersey for the usual red jersey of Man United (Typical). God Save The Queen! 🙂

  2. See you at the game then! hahahahaa!!!

    got another one…

    naked guy: you fink you hard do ya!

    player: harder than your little guy cracker!

    ok one more!

    player: thought they called us floppy's?

    naked guy: ahh come on bruv, i just wanted a hug, no need to be like that!

    Christ im desperate to win something! hahahahaha!!!!

  3. Caption reads "Jimmy thought since John Terry was fucking everyone over, he might as well get in on the action!

  4. "Fcuk Lauren, I sold the cloths off my back to watch your over-paid a$$ miss that sitter! Infact your whole team sucks, I want my money and cloths back!!"

  5. Some really good comments here, the ball is rolling nicely now. I think we going to have to find another ticket to give away if it keeps going like this! 🙂

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