Ticket to Ride Foundation- Using sport & education to uplift the youth

At MyCityByNight we’re fairly large supporters of good causes- especially when that good cause involves helping out kids (I mean they are the future).

This is why we were extra delighted when a MyCityByNight alumni and local heroine by the name of Kaitlyn Fitzgerald got hold of us after checking us out on SABC3’s Expresso, asking to lend a little bit of a hand with a project that she became involved in. Kaitlyn attends Fish Hoek High School and helps out at Massipumalele (Site 5) on a weekly basis by playing with the littlies from the area and and helping them with their home work. Her efforts form a small part of a charity organisation called the ‘Ticket to Ride Foundation’. The Ticket to Ride Foundation is a fully registered NGO working in Masiphumelela that uses sport and education to uplift children and young adults in the area- breaking down barriers and providing a positive way to spend their free time.

At the end of the year this foundation is having a fundraiser in combination with the Wavescapes Festival to benefit all these kids who will one day be the fabric of South Africa’s society. The fund raiser will be held at the Labia Theatre on Orange Street on 9 December 2010 and in partnership with the annual WaveScapes surf festival will be showing a bunch of Surf movies and auctioning off one of a kind artist inspired surf boards to raise some money for the charity. It is the foundation’s first fundraiser and the main aim is to raise awareness about Ticket to Ride in the broader Cape Town area. 

A little bit more about the Ticket to Ride Foundation:

The Ticket to Ride Foundation is a fully registered NGO working in the townships of the southern suburbs of Cape Town. The Foundation seeks to empower local people to develop their own communities by leading interactive sporting leagues, sports training programmes and educational programmes that bring together and educate children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds of differing races and religions.

Furthermore, the Foundation organises daily sports training sessions, and educational programmes, to help keep children busy after school and fill their downtime with enjoyable and educational activities that keep them away from the temptations of the street.

 The Foundation runs Football (Soccer), Netball, Surfing, Arts and Crafts, English Tuition (Masiphumelele Township has one school for its 30,000 inhabitants) and Homework Assistance programmes, and aims to push a message of health awareness, good social practice, care of the local environment, and racial and religious tolerance through these programmes. The Ticket to Ride Foundation seeks to be sustainable in it’s approach and only employs locals from the communities it helps, offering them the appropriate training and assistance in becoming life coaches for the children and young adults of their communities

The Foundation started in May 2009 and took in 20 children, arranging Football (Soccer), Netball and Surfing programmes. Today the Foundation cares for 200 children on a daily basis through it’s Football, Netball, Surfing, Arts and Crafts, English Tuition and Homework Assistance programmes, and that number is greatly expanded at the weekends when the Foundation runs tournaments between teams from 5 other surrounding townships. The Foundation is constantly looking to develop and expand it´s projects, and works with the local community leaders in identifying areas where it can be of assistance.

The Ticket to Ride Foundation is registered in the UK with HMRC as Charity No: XT22927

The Ticket to Ride Foundation is registered in South Africa as Trust No: IT2146/2010

You can also get involved by volunteering to be one of the ambassadors that offer up some time to help these kids out (MyCityByNight has something very cool planned in the pipeline, we’re just trying to get a few sponsor details ironed out)… For more information please go check out Ticket to Ride

Oh and to Kaitlyn… You rock girl, if the world had more people like you around, it’d be a much better place! The youth of South Africa is truely inspiring- I think we have a very bright future ahead of us!


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