Thrumcast 022 – Butane

Thrumcast Butane

After a slight hiatus, the Thrum Room collective decided it was only fair to end the year with something spectacular.

Andrew Rasse from San Francisco, better known as Butane, has kindly agreed to have his (C₄H₁₀) Podcast Volume 05 double as Thrumcast 022.

“Owner of Alphahouse Records and Little Helpers, accomplished music producer, chef, wine collector, science enthusiast, philosopher, and international DJ.

Butane has been flying the underground flag, professionally, unapologetically, since 2001 when he began DJing. There are countless mechanisms ready-built into the electronic music industry which relentlessly pull one toward commercialization, aka selling-out, and he vows to resist them at all costs.

Respect the music. Respect the culture. Success is not measured in social media likes.”

Download this Thrumcast :

Thrumcast 022 – Butane by Thrum Room on Mixcloud

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