Throwback Thursday – Amnesia Ibiza 1998 (VHS Rip)

amnesia ibiza 1998

We’re completely fascinated by videos that surface from the past, detailing what life was like at that particular time. The latest throwback comes from a VHS Cassette rip (bet some of you don’t even know what a VHS cassette looks like) of a party at Amnesia Ibiza in 1998, which was sent through to us by one of you very loyal readers (ravers).

The video shows some truely hedonistic scenes and makes us yearn for the old days when fashion sense was basically non-existent and the drugs were very clearly quite strong. Also included in the pure gold clip are images of rather scantily clad women, foam parties and also a ton of people raving on the terrace with the sun coming up around them.

I honestly don’t think we’ll ever reach these levels of jolling again (unless there’s another soccer World Cup in SA). Check out the video and enjoy!

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