This woman has a beard and is keeping it, regardless of what other people think

The Bearded Lady keeping her beard

A woman by the name of Harnaam Kaur has been diagnosed with a medical condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is the primary cause of her beard and the excess of hair on other parts of her body. Obviously, times were tough for Harnaam when she was growing up, having to face bullying on a daily basis at school and even now with widespread ridicule on the internet. However, this woman has decided to put all of that nonsense out of her head and embrace her hairy genetic mutation.

Now baptised as a Sikh (who for religious reasons are not allowed to remove any body hair), Harnaam came to the realisation that her medical condition was all part of a greater plan from God, aimed at helping her value herself for exactly who she was – a woman. She has said in interviews that she hopes to be an inspiration for other women out there who are also affected by the disease, feeling more feminine now than ever before.

Harnaam’s actions take real courage and they make me really think about how easily one can judge someone based on appearance alone. Here’s a short video about Harnaam:

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