This waiter has broken the record for carrying beers at an astounding 27 full mugs

beer carrying record

A German waiter by the name of Oliver Struempfel has just broken the World Record for carrying the most traditional German beers at once. He went up against one other competitor for the record and managed to carry a very impressive 27 full litre jugs for 40 metres, using nothing but his hands (yup no trays).

I have worked here in the beer tent for the past 17 years, so I have lots of training. It is no longer enough to just carry the mugs, but you have to support the training by going to the gym, especially in Winter when you don’t get much time carrying the beer mugs.

– said Oliver in an interview

In addition he is said to have done extensive gym work in preparation for the World record attempt – what a guy! Maybe I should go outside and do something manly like braai? I’m definitely feeling like carrying all the shopping into the house in one trip is not going to be enough to cut it as a manly man now.

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