This Video Is What An LSD Trip Looks Like

This Video Is What An LSD Trip Looks Like (And You Don't Even Need To Take Drugs To Experience It)


There are many of us that stay within the confines of law prescribed to us by other humans, never once having the desire to try drugs like LSD. For everyone that is even a little bit curious, wondering what it could be like to go on an acid trip, someone has put together a little video, which simulates what it’s like to trip balls/find spiritual enlightenment.

In the video (which has been produced by some hippies with great video editing skills), you’ll see quite a bit of subtle detail around what type of stuff could down while you’re on LSD and it’s probably the closest you’ll get to what it’s like to be on acid, without actually having to risk taking the drug and having a bad trip.

Remember… we don’t encourage drug use whatsoever, so don’t blame us if you watch this video and then decide to go out there and eat your own face or whatever.

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