This sneaky new feature in fantasy premier league changes everything.

It’s almost that time of the year again.  


(fucking finally).

The Premier League starts in 18 days and thus, Fantasy Premier League too.

If you are part of the larger majority, your fantasy efforts normally come to a grinding halt somewhere between procrastinating in October and going on Holiday in December.

Most likely you had a bad week at some point and lost ground on your china’s, before attempting a hail-mary to bring yourself back into contention. (Don’t worry bro, everyone thought Henderson was going to be the next Gerrard after that goal against Chelsea)


But there is hope, Fantasy Premier League has thrown in a sweet little curve ball which is going to make double game weeks a whole lot more interesting.

Introducing: “Free Hit”

The free hit allows you to make unlimited changes to your squad for one week, and one week only – after the games have been played, you’ll revert back to the squad you had before.


Yes, you can make a full 15 changes if you so choose.


That means you can bring in unlimited players for a double game week without being stuck with them for the long haul.


Oh, and you still keep your wild card for when you really need it.

Yes, this devilish little perk is really happening. Replacing the, mostly useless, “All-out-attack” perk. Not that I ever needed Grabban on the pitch anyway.

More good news for the extra keen; you are now able to start selecting your team. Go on then, keen bean.

Get your best team name puns ready and watch Facebook for the MCBN league code closer to the start of the season.

Don’t forget to enter your details to enter our MyCityByNight Fantasy Premier League for the upcoming season. We’ve attached some awesome prizes for the winner. Add your details below and join our league.


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