This pro-marijuana legalisation parody of Grease is amazing

grease parody pro marijuana

In November the citizens of Florida will vote on something called: Amendment 2, the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative and a political action committee has created a Grease parody to lobby for the benefits of such a piece of legislation.

It’s a fun way to create some awareness around the fact that the “medical use of marijuana by a qualifying patient or personal caregiver is not subject to criminal or civil liability or sanctions under state law,” if citizens of the state vote in favour of Amendment 2 later this year. The video was created by former Miami Beach mayoral candidate and pro-tennis star Steve Berke, who had his career ended by an injury and as a result is an advocate of medical marijuana as an alternative to prescription painkillers.

It’s a complete lag that Steve Berke cast himself as John Travolta and totally crazy how similar the parody is to the original movie classic.


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