This new South African startup will grow, cure and deliver your weed

Photo by Alexander Aguero on Unsplash


A new Cape Town-based cannabis business called ‘The Haze Club‘ recently launched its unique marijuana growing solution.

The Haze Club‘ operate a cannabis growing facility that ‘offers busy professionals the ability to grow the highest quality cannabis, legally and without time or effort.’

The club essentially manages the growing process on behalf of its members and then delivers the final product after roughly 12-14 weeks depending on the strain. The Haze Club oversees the entire process from germination right through to drying and curing and delivering.

While the final product being delivered is actually the cured bud, the club is adamant that they don’t sell cannabis or seeds but rather lease out space for members to grow and store their plant/s. So how legal is this operation?

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

Very legal actually. In September last year, a landmark Constitutional Court ruling reinforced South African citizens’ rights to privacy and decriminalised the private and personal use and cultivation of cannabis. To adhere to this law, individual areas in the club’s grow facility are demarcated and leased to its members – thereby making it their private space.

The Haze Club told BusinessTech that it is advised by Schindler’s Attorneys – the very same law firm that assisted in winning the Constitutional Court ruling last year. Schindler’s Attorneys also told BusinessTech that ‘The Haze Club’ currently operates within the confines of South African cannabis laws as they are today.

The club simply assists members in exercising their constitutional right to grow cannabis in their own private space. The club also limits each member to a maximum of two plants. The amount of cannabis is small enough that there can be no doubt that it is for personal consumption.”

Membership to ‘The Haze Club‘ costs R949 per month. To find out more, head on over to The Haze Club website and visit BusinessTech to read the full legal discussion.




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