This Must Be The Worst Prank Of All Time

finger prank

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, this girl has come up with one of the most horrifying pranks ever known to man. To be completely honest, I’m not even really convinced that you could call this a prank because it’s just so gross.

For her 30 seconds of internet fame, the girl in this prank gives herself a good fingering in the bathroom and then goes up to random guys she finds in the supermarket to sniff her hands to get their opinion of a new fragrance that she was testing out. First off, I want to know why anyone would smell another person’s hand/fingers and secondly I want to know why none of those guys recognised that what they were in fact smelling was this weirdo’s koek and not the latest offering from Dior.

Guess they didn’t want to be the guy that said – hey your perfume smells alot like vagina.

Sies man… Get a real job.

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