This man’s hand was saved by attaching it to his ankle (no spice)

Severed hand ankle hospital

This is just insane, a Chinese man by the name of Xiao Wei severed his hand in an industrial accident and after his co-workers had managed to save his hand, doctors reattached it to his ankle – and that’s not even the craziest thing about this story. After Xiao’s doctors judged his injuries to be too severe to reattach his hand to his arm they decided that it would be possible to keep the hand from going vrot by attaching it to his ankle while he recovered in hospital.

Severed hand attached to ankle

After over in a month lying in hospital recovering from the horrific industrial accident the doctors were able to remove it from his ankle, reattaching it to itself rightful place at the end of his arm. Adding the already titanic levels of amazement in modern science, the doctors say his hand will over time regain full functionality which is pretty mindblowing stuff. Judging these advancements against how we’ve used similar discoveries in the past, it’s not long before we apply it to sex and have 100 of penises growing off of strange parts of peoples’ bodies.

severed hand ankle


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