This man lifts beer crates with his balls

beer by balls

A man lifts beer crates with his balls… there’s one way to catch your attention while you’re sipping on a lovely cuppa right? Unfortunately, there really isn’t much more to this other than the fact that there’s probably not one guy out there, that would be able to watch this video without cringing and holding onto their own crown jewels.

It’s really exceptional stuff especially considering how heavy the crates of beer are and that this dude attempts to do all this heavy lifting using his balls infront of a crowd of people. Somehow, his balls don’t rip right off and he manages to pick up a bunch of beer that would in all honesty be difficult to lift using your hands and arms alone.

My biggest question is – How does one find out that you are blessed with such an obscure talent? Surely tying beer to your balls and trying to lift it up using “ball strength” isn’t high on the list of things crossing your mind?

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