This Life-Size, Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron Can Actually Move!


Lego Technic unveiled its signature replica of the Bugatti Chiron in Monza Italy recently. The model, which not only looks identical to the original, can also actually take you from point a to be at an impressive 20km an hour.

A real Bugatti will cost you a hefty $3 million while the Lego version, consisting of more than 1 million Lego Technic pieces¬†will cost you a sweet 1 million… Lego pieces.

The impressive build is made up of more than 2,300 Lego motors, and 4,000 gear wheels in the engine and weighs over a ton. There’s a working brake pedal and speedometer and is powered by two batteries – an 80-volt for the motor and a 12-volt for the steering and electronics inside the car. It took Lego staff more than 13,000 work-hours to develop and build.

Watch former race car driver take it for a test drive in the promo video below and visit Lego Technic for more on their exciting projects.

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