This Leaked Footage Shows Women Twerking On A Coffin

This Leaked Footage Shows Women Twerking On A Coffin?! Bizarre.

Bringing you the winner of our bizarre video of the week, we’re looking at twerking taken to a completely new environment. Away from hip hop videos and teenage girls’ bedrooms, we got sent this video of a funeral that appears to be somewhere in South America, where some of the people mourning the loss of somebody close, decided to twerk on top the coffin, housing their dead friend/family member.

I suppose what makes this even more bizarre to watch is the fact that everyone else at the funeral seems to be fairly chilled with these women dropping it like it’s hot on top a coffin as a way of honouring the dead. It really does beg the question – what did this person do as a job? Did they really really like twerking THAT much?

Guess we’ll never ever know:

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