This Is What Happens When You Turn A Nerf Gun Into A Deadly Weapon

Nerf guns are probably some of the most fun that you can actually have as a kid, mainly due to the fact that you could terrorise all the neighbourhood’s kids with well placed foam missiles shot from your pump action nerf gun. Some people out there are clearly not ready to let their childhood go and have begun to do some fairly interesting mods to their Nerf guns, turning them into deadly weapons.

In the video below, Peter Sripol runs us through how he modded some of his Nerf guns so that they’re able to shoot darts, nails and even flames at around 150 PSI. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure whether I’m impressed or absolutely terrified that literally anyone with a bit of engineering finesse is able to build dangerous weapons from what is supposed to be a harmless kids toy.

At least you get to see him blast cool stuff like bananas and wood blocks and using the guns as a flamethrower:

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