Local Cape Town Skydiver Loses Helmet (With Recording GoPro) At 10000ft.


Just make sure you haven’t been drinking or hungover when you watch this!

Now, we & Skydiver Luke Godfrey with over 150 jumps at the time of the post, need your help – Here’s why:

A very routine skydive, but the weather was particularly hot and I usually pack my own gear but this particular jump someone packed for me . We had a fun skydive and then I tracked away to deploy my main chute. Usually your canopy opens slowly and the forces are very gradual and mellow. This SLAMMED open completely winding me basically from 230kmh to 10kmh in about 5 frames of 60 frames per second video. This force threw my main into a downward spin that I could not recover from. You’ll see it as I go for the reserve handles, then see if I can recover the main, but then back to reserve as the dive to the ground speeds up (scary shit). The reserve opening then knocks my helmet off and gets a pretty cool shot of my reserve opening. The helmet falls down and lands in a field where a local rugby game was taking place. You’ll see some “local gangsters” quickly grab my gear. I looked for hours with the help of people at the club… I even spoke to these dude who denied seeing anything. Eventually some kids pointed us in the right direction and the mandrax smoking ( c u next tuesday’s ) demanded money, the one dude actually googling “go-pro” and what it was worth. It was actually Sue Watts who negotiated with them saying it was an old model. I still had to pay a hefty ransom, but the gear was worth more and im just happy to be alive and get my stuff back. There was some damage to my main harness and that’s send back to the manufacturer for repair. No jumoing for a couple weeks ,

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