This is the only #Neknomination actually worth sharing – one South African uses social media for good

SA good neknomination

I’m getting over all of the Neknominations that are going on, on Facebook at the moment. I honestly think there is nothing more dumb then challenging 2 mates to down a beer in a more ridiculous fashion than you just did – we all know that it’s all going to end with someone dying by mistake. Finally, someone has had a little bit of sense and done something a bit more positive with their influence on social media, putting together a NekNomination that is actually worth passing onto to friends to recreate or one-up

One South African took it upon himself to use his own Neknomination to spread some good in a country that has bigger problems than who can down a beer in a more extreme way than their friends. Would this craze have been shared as quickly if it was about filming a good deed instead? Probably not. Quite an interesting thought when you look at social media in general and why we feel the incessant need to share things about cats rather than information with real value.

Good on this guy…

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