This is not a real whale…

fake whale

So on Sunday I was cruising around the peninsula and Chapmans Peak on a breakfast run with some of the other type R owners in Cape Town…


We were on route to possibly one of the most awesome driving roads in the world, when my co-driver and camera person for the day Kendall (shout out!) and I spotted what appeared to be a giant whale on the back of a flatbed truck. At first we both thought that the whale had beached itself and was now on the way to another- possibly more comfortable ocean to be free like Willy. On closer inspection the whale didnt seem to be wet… or alive.

Apparently the whale was infact a giant movie prop constructed by film production company Moonlighting for the shooting of an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary about mermaids (hey? I thought they werent real, just like Julius Malema’s chances of becoming president of South Africa).

Since Sunday the whale (placed neatly on Noordhoek beach) has been causing quite a stir with local environmentalists and other pro-whale people people- who have been calling the National Sea Rescue Institute non-stop to let them know about the beached whale’s plight.

Luckily most of the authorities had been informed about the fake whale prior to the start of shooting and thus didnt mobilise their deep resources of buckets to keep the whale wet.

The whale measures 13 metres in length and 4.5 metres wide and is made of fibreglass and wood. It was so huge that it took 30 people to move it from the parking lot to the beach…

Here is the full story courtesy of Zoopy:

Fake whales… not like the real thing.

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  1. They are making big news already, can you imagine how much viral this become once the production is aired?

    Great find!

  2. Thanks Mongezi!!! Yup its one way to really create some excitement about the doccy… One thing I was trying to figure out was- What the hell does a beached whale have to do with Mermaids?!!

    @Onaj- should I maybe do a full review of the whole breakfast run? I've got some super sick pics!!! 🙂

  3. Yes please, I think it is only fare seeing as most of those machines only come out at night… So I do feel there is some relevance, u got anything on that integra type r?

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