This is Not A Post Office on Kloof Street

(pic courtesy of Antonia Heil)

Madame Zingara has added to her majestic group with the likes of a cool little store found at 114  Kloof called This is not a post office. It is the ultimate one-stop party shop and this unique store is best described as falling down Alice’s rabbit hole straight into a cooky version of Aladdin’s Cave filled with everything from rubber chickens, sunglasses, wigs, costumes, jewelry to fluffy handcuffs.

Madame Zingara has given her own twist to a dynamic experiential retail space which includes live art installations. “Creativity is at the heart of everything we do at Madame Zingara” says founder and managing director Richard Griffin “We wanted to create a space where people can have fun, where the unimaginable becomes a reality.”

The inside of the store is a sensory overload and as Griffin points out, this party shop leaves others in its wake with mini disco balls and rubber ducks hanging on the roof accompanied by giant lollipops and blow up sheep scattered around the room.

 “Our team will assist with everything needed for a celebration, from décor and props to exciting goodie bags and performers or characters that are guaranteed to inject fire into any gathering – no matter how big or small,” adds Griffin.

“This is not a post office is open every Monday – Saturday from 9am to 6pm…

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    1. I went the other day, its so much fun. You can get almost everything there! Let us know what you think when you go there 🙂

  1. Hi guys just wanted to know If you by any chance sell costumes at a good price?? If not please recommend a place where I could find such things specifically to rent.


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