This is how to find out your UBER rating

Know Your Uber Rating

If you’re a regular Uber user like we are here at MyCityByNight, chances are that there have been a few occasions where you’ve been “less than compliant” after having more than 10 beers at your mate’s braai.

In the same way that you’re able to give your a driver a rating, they’re also able to assign you with a rating based on your behaviour in order to warn the other drivers of a potential nightmare client before they accept the trip.

So here’s how you check your Uber rating:

  1. Click the options button in the top left of the app once open
  2. Select “Account”
  3. Select “I’d like to know my rating”
  4. Hit Submit
  5. Wait for the email to be appalled

Who else is a little bit disappointed with their rating, I honestly thought I was at least a 5.

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