This Is How To Do a Semen Facial (in case you were wondering)

semen facial

Youtube is becoming a more and more interesting place because of people like Tracy. Tracy is an ex glamour model from Buckinghamshire, who has taken it upon herself to upload a tutorial on how to self-administer a semen facial (man there are so many jokes in there it’s not even funny).

Apparently she’s had a really hectic skin condition for most of her life and now uses a pot full of man jizz to cure it. In the video she describes how she’s got a man friend who wanks into a jar and brings over a fresh batch of “1000 island sauce” for her to apply onto her skin every morning.

Tracy had this to say about the smell:

I don’t mind the smell of semen, I think it’s something that is quite a natural smell and I have no aversion to it.

Well that’s good news! Haha.

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