This Is How English sounds to non-English speakers

This Is How English sounds to non-English speakers

I’ve always kind of wondered what English sounds like to other people out there who don’t have the language as their native tongue and it turns out that I’m totally not alone in this. Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston decided to make a short film called ‘Skwerl’ to explain how English sounds and give native speakers of the language an idea of how it sounds when we go back and forth with each other in daily conversation.

The full script is available for reading over HERE and is made up of real English words, arranged in an order that is incorrect, so that you can begin to understand what the different parts of English words sound like when they don’t make any sense.

It’s quite a bizarre experience, which has left me wondering what the hell they were actually speaking about (especially when she whipped out a pineapple with added sparklers).

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