This Is America Gets an 80s Remake on MacPaint – Watch the Incredible Video Right Here.


Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino’s recent and controversial video for his track, ‘This is America’ is getting a retro remake by Indonesian animator Wahyu Ichwandardi, who also works under the name Pinot.

In the amazing clip below, Pinot breaks down the process of recreating Gambinos iconic, african-inspired dance moves from the beginning of the music video. Using programs like MacPaint and MacroMind Video Works, Pinot brings each frame of “This Is America” to life and the detail is incredible. He has since posted two updates of his low-fi animations which show the painstaking efforts that have gone into every detail, focusing on each pixel to nail Childish Gambino’s erratic and jivey movements. While Pinot has only completed the first minute of the video, the project is still ongoing with his efforts documented on his Twitter and his Instagram.

Check out this stunning clip below and be sure follow Pinot for more updates on this project.

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