This Guy’s Dating Video Is Weirding Out The Internet

We're not too sure that this is a tactic that is going to work for him

We honestly didn’t even realise that video dating was still a thing in the World of Tinder, but after watching this video we’re kind of glad there aren’t more of these floating around the web. This poor chap is honestly under the assumption that this video is going to help him get a date and if you think we’re just being really mean and supportive, watch the clip and decide for yourself:

Whoa… really think he took just a little bit too far with the fake tooth thing. I mean, has this happened before? Did someone really want him to take out his fake tooth, so he’d look more like a redneck?

On top of all of this nonsense, he’s proclaimed that he’s a vegan who throws special vegan music parties. What does that even mean?

Do you think he managed to get a date out of this?

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