This Guy Downs 2 Litres Of Jack Daniels & Doesn’t Die

This Guy Downs 2 Litres Of Jack Daniels & Doesn't Die - We're Not Sure If That's Amazing Or Just Sad

We all know that one person who has an uncanny ability to neck an entire bottle of booze in one go and somehow manage not to die from alcohol poisoning after. Today we’re having a look at a bloke by the name of Ernest Acosta, who is somehow able to down 2 entire litres of Jack Daniels in less than a minute in order to drive up a ton of Youtube views and cash in on the resulting check that gets sent to him by the powers that be at Youtube.

How do you think this is going to turn out?

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Posted by Wait For It on Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Shoowee. I really don’t know whether to be impressed or sad right now. The way he’s acting after smashing the wizzo after, makes me really question whether the 9 million Youtube views were actually worth it.

Each to their own I guess.

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